About party day


The Meaning of Our Party
Since the beginning of this pandemic, I have been secretly partying every month since the summer of 2020 with regulars ranging in age from 21 to 76.These people have really supported this bar for the past three years of pandemic .
They came every week and every month, even when the government regulated the bar business and when the Tokyo metropolitan government banned the serving of alcohol after 8:00 p.m.

They really love this bar. Usually everyone is having a quiet and enjoyable drink at this bar. To show our gratitude to these customers, we hold a party every month where we charter the bar and provide a place where people can drink a variety of drinks at a reasonable price, dance, and communicate with people they don't get to see very often. And no one gets covid19 at those parties.

But since November 2022, as if before the pandemic, we've had an increase in really lovely international guests. I can't tell you how long I have waited for that day. They come to Japan as tourists, stop by our store, and often even rate it as an Amazing Place, and I thank them every day for how wonderful it is. Japan is finally moving toward the end of the pandemic.

We will try to make it possible for all the tourists reading this to join our party as a token of our appreciation.

★Because the Japanese guests at the party are all really important customers who have supported our bar for the past three years. If you take that into consideration, you can enter. And since all of the overseas visitors who come for sightseeing are really nice people, we will conduct this event as a token of our appreciation.


★System of the party

 ①About the music

・Many music selectors will play various sounds according to the theme of the day.

・Music requests will not be accepted.


②Drink Charge

・3,000yen for all-you-can-drink.

・Please pay at the drink counter.
・Please pay in cash as much as possible.


③Contents of drinks

・You can order anything on the drink counter.

・here are no cocktails with fruit.

・Cups will be plastic.

・It is possible to mix alcoholic drinks with soda,tonic, water, ginger ale, cola, etc.

・Beer is limited and may run out late in the evening.

④Standing and dancing are allowed.

⑤ The bar closes at 24:30 on Saturdays.

     You can enter until 23:00. 


Rules of the party

 ①People who are drunk and bother other customers will be asked to leave the party. 

②Please do not pester other people or persistently ask women out. 

③Please do not disturb other customers during busy times. 

④Because it is a small bar, the maximum number of people entering the bar is two.




  December 23
Year End Special Night]



Details of the event

In Japan, the [Kohaku Uta Gassen] has been held on TV station NHK for a long time as a tradition on December 31. In recent years it has become so boring that we decided to do it ourselves. The regulars take turns playing Japanese songs and all kinds of songs from the East and West, with male and female artists taking turns. Since it is just before Christmas, some people play Christmas songs.


The November party night was filled with so much happiness that the announcement was made that two people who met in 2020 at this bar had gotten engaged. They were congratulated by members who had enjoyed their time together throughout the pandemic. The number of members who have been enjoying the party together has been gradually increasing.

If there are any international travelers who would like to come to such a party, please feel free to do so.

This year's party, the climax of the day.

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