WELCOME TO 「record bar 33 1/3 rpm」

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For my beliefs,

for the customers I love,

for the customers who love this bar.


Our reason for living is

the smiles of the people

who love this bar. 

This is music listening bar. All sound sources are analog records.(Mainly rock& pop music)

Enjoy alcohol while feeling a deep analog sound.



・・・Opening and Closing Information for December and New Year・・・


★Temporarily closed on Monday, December 11.


★December 23 Sat. is private party day.


In 2023, open until December 30.


★Closed from December 31 to January 2.


★In 2024, open from January 3.



☆Gallery of "record bar 33 1/3rpm"


Mon. - Sat.

6:30PM - 12:30AM

11:30 PM

★Closed day

Every Sunday and Japanese public holidays.


This is a Japanese custom. Closing time is the time to end this bar, and in order to serve customers until that time, we want you to come by the time they can enter this bar. Therefore, we have a "DOOR CLOSE TIME" which is the time when you can enter this bar.


Some restaurants, bars decide that it is the last order time. We rarely extend our hours (as long as we are in good spirits) when we have regulars or very happy customers, even if it is closing time. Therefore, we dare not set a last order.

Please remember that this unclear notation is part of Japanese culture.



 ☆Cards are accepted for payment.




 ☆You do not have to wear a mask.

 ☆All seats can be smoked.

 ☆Cover charge 1430 yen per person.

Consumption tax of 10% is included.

 Includes appetizers or snacks. )

  Please see the System & Menu page in English.


 ☆Non-alcoholic drinks are not served.
However, if you have come all the way from abroad as tourists to Japan and have decided to visit this bar, and the person with you cannot drink alcohol, please consult with us. But we will not be served to customers who arrive 
after 8:00 p.m. or during busy times.



party night, and special content Day

Next private party day is

December 23 Saturday.


Tipping is not required.


☆Other details about this bar's rules, seating capacity, and directions are listed below.


☆System & Menu page in English.

   Please click here. ↓



★Party night(private party)


Those who would like to come on party night.

Please read "about party day" link .


Next private party night is

December 23 Saturday.

"Year End Special Night"


Those who come to Japan as tourists may enter.

Please be sure to read and understand the contents of the link below. (International students are not eligible.)

The Meaning of Our Party and rules, system

Questions or reservations


If you have a message, please send it via Instagram, google map's massage or email.

Instagram may not show up immediately if you are not a follower, so I would appreciate it if you can spare the time.


It has been crowded lately;

If two people want the counter, it is best to come before 9:30 p.m. as it starts to get crowded after 9:30 p.m.

The counter is reserved for a few regulars every day.

There are 19 seats, but each group can only seat a maximum of 6 people.


Groups of 4 to 6 people who really want to come can generally get in if you come before 9:30 pm. If you would like to make a reservation, please come by 9:00P.M .

The same goes for those coming in twos.


Reservations are accepted until 5:00 P.M. daily.


Some customers who have difficulty making reservations via email or Instagram ask the hotel to make the reservation over the phone.


On Saturday, December 16 and Saturday, December 30, five regulars have made reservations, so no more than five people can be accommodated on those days.



Staff and daily crowds in December



Currently, the bar is open Monday through Friday with my wife and one staff member, and on Saturdays with myself and two staff members.


In December, in order to train new staff, I will be open Tuesday through Saturday with my wife and a staff member, and on Mondays with me and two staff members(My wife must do the housework) .


On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, we have a Japanese-American staff member who can provide detailed assistance in English.

On Mondays, the last order is 12:00 PM because the staffs leaves on the last train.




The trend over the past three months has been that on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays, there are definitely many tourists from countries all over the world.

Conversely, there are fewer people on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, so those coming with three or more people should aim for Wednesday through Friday.


Every day I leave a seat open for you and the other regulars at this bar, but I apologize if it gets crowded. 


There are regulars every day. Japanese system? s bottle keepers, who put it in front of you and drink it regularly. They are all kind-hearted and nice people.




☆Rules when entering this bar.


Our bar is not a dance club. 

This is a bar that you enjoy drinking and music at the table.

We are sorry, for example, moving to various seats, wandering around and doing dancing is another inconvenience for other customers, please stop.


Please refrain from talking loudly (for other customers).

Please be considerate of other customers.

(Except party day, it is okay to standing and moving.)


Also, because it is a bar that enjoys music, it is prohibited to sound the smartphone as it becomes troublesome to other customers.

However, of course, it is possible to cheer when one's favorite song is played. We are very happy when you are happy!



☆About Music Requests

After serving drinks, the owner will bring a piece of paper and a pen and you can write down your request if you want.


There is only one reason why we take requests. Because we want you to enjoy yourself even more. It is our couple's living purpose to see the happy customers who are there that day. And since you have come all the way to Japan, we want you to enjoy yourself even more from the bottom of our hearts.


I tries to connect the requested songs, artists, and genres as naturally as possible from the genres, sounds and artists currently playing. Of course, if I'm truly pleased, I will continue with the same genre of music for a while, for example, wonderful soul music from the 60s. (I've listed below what genres of music are available)


Then, based on the request, I will choose a song that I think the person might like, and connect it to the next person's request. It is my pleasure if the guests are pleased with the music and if it leads to the discovery of new music.


The other day, a customer from England gave me a very wonderful and happy review. He said that he had enjoyed his "musical journey". This is exactly what I have been trying to do since I started this bar.


I want people to enjoy a variety of music in this bar, not just the songs they request. Every day, I try to choose music that I think the current customers would like. I try to choose songs that I think the current customers would like.



Many Japanese regulars come here every day, and they come here to enjoy the music playing that day, talking with us, and drinking at this place. And I look forward to hearing what develops today, depending on the requests of those who come from overseas for business or pleasure.




There are 9 seats of counter,
box 6 seats,
bench 4seats,
and 2 stools.

[Basically, the counter is for
up to two people.]

All seats can be smoked.


It is all record sound source.

Please see the linked site for examples of collection artists. Genres are divided like a Japanese record shop for arrangement.

Here are some of the records in my bar collection.



☆In order to pursue better sound with the equipment we have available, we are particular about the vinyl records themselves. The best sounding records are basically those that were released in the same country and at the same time. In addition, the promotional vinyl, serial number, engineer, and other factors also affect the sound. We have a selection of such records for your enjoyment.


☆You can listen to precious original records from the 50s to the 70s that were acquired over the years in search of better sound, promotional records from the 70s with great sound, roaring single recordings with high sound pressure, etc. If you would like to listen to these records, please feel free to request them anytime.


Other British and American 60's to 70's rock (major group, funky rock, swamp, soft rock, pub rock, MERSY BEAT,

MODS SOUND etc.), many 80's hits, punk and after punk , neo acoustic.We also have a wide variety of music from the 80's, 80's indies, 60's-80's movie music and soundtracks, 60's soul, etc. (We also have a little bit of 90's music as well). (We also have a little bit of 90's music, mainly from the UK.)


Recently, we have started to have a collection of music from the 90's onward. I am not particular about the price, as there is not much difference between the original and reissued sound in this age group. 



Shigeru Ito


※I have in my possession records mainly from the 60's to the 80's. In all, I have about 3,500 LP records and 2,500 single records.

In broad genres.

British and American rock, pop, and singles from the 60s to the 80s, about 2700 on LP, some major and some not so famous.


There are also about 150 LPs of British rock and acid jazz from the 90s, 100 LPs of soul music from the 60s, 100 LPs of soul and dance music from the 70s, 50 LPs of jazz funk, 50 LPs of the kind of jazz that British mods loved in the 60s, and 50 LPs of major modern jazz. about 50 pieces of major modern jazz, and about 200 pieces of movie soundtracks from the 60s to the 80s. That's roughly about it. The same ratio applies to single records.

There are about 200 Japanese rock &pop albums, but almost no Japanese CITY POP.


My instagram
New arrivals, recent favorites, and past masterpieces are featured. Sometimes you'll see images of our cats, though.


We made a graph comparing AROMA and PALATE of Japanese whiskey with us and other bartenders. Since the graph is our private one, we disclose it only to visitors to this bar. The numbers written next to the whiskeys are marked on the graph.

Please see the English menu page of the link.


Two Nikka pure malt products are no longer in stock.