・There is a cover charge per person ,¥1430.

(included consumption tax  10%)


・Please pay the cover charge at the time of settlement. 


・Please order one drink per person, even if you are in a group.


 ・Charges include confectionery, small plate appetizers.


 If you are a vegetarian, please tell us when you order.

Small dishes will be changed to nuts, vegetables , and so on.


(included in cover charge)

For example, in the foreground, on the left, sweet potatoes are pre-cooked and then sauteed in butter, topped with cream cheese, pepper, and buckwheat honey. In the back is   campagne with boiled potatoes mashed and mixed with sour cream and Kewpie mayonnaise, and garnished with dill. In the foreground on the right is a ready-made strawberry butter on mini toasts. We will continue to think of new ways to serve them.


About Cover Charge. It is a system of a bar for drinking sake in Japan. Many bars charge a cover charge, a seat charge, or an overture fee. Some bars and izakayas do not list a charge. (Some shot bars do not have a charge.) Some bars and "izakayas" do not list the charge, because this was the norm in Japan.


I believe it should be properly marked, which is why I have a sign at the entrance stating it. The price is the same for both regulars and first-time customers.

According to one theory, this custom was established because the culture does not accept tips.


There are many reasons why I set the price of the charge. If anyone wants to know, I will tell you in my bar. However, in not so good English.



Special Whiskies

On March 3, our 10th anniversary (reservations are required for this date), we will open the following Suntory and Nikka whiskeys. Only one glass of each whiskey per person will be available. The Taketsuru 17year old is especially great, this whisky will be discontinued in March 2020 and is almost no longer in this world.

It is the one we have been securing since the pandemic period.
However, please note that March 4 is a substitution holiday.

We have obtained two rare whiskeys from Wakatsuru Shuzo (Saburomaru Distillery). We will finish them as soon as we run out of stock. No bottles will be sold. We also have some of the two pure malts from the Nikka distillery, although the quantity is getting low.

MOON GLOW" and "GYOKUTO" are really peaty and great blended whiskies. I like them more than Suntory "Yamazaki 12years" and "Hibiki".

The same goes for Mars Whiskey's "Tsunuki" and "Komagatake" single malt whiskeys listed in the menu below, and "Sakurao Single Malt" by Sakurao Shuzo.



We made a graph comparing AROMA and PALATE of Japanese whiskey with us and other bartenders. Since the graph is our private one, we disclose it only to visitors to this bar. The numbers written next to the whiskeys are marked on the graph.



Summer cocktails from June to July