There is a cover charge per person ,¥1430.

(included consumption tax  10%)



・Please pay the cover charge

at the time of settlement. 


・Charges include confectionery,

small plate appetizers, like

vegetable soup daily and so on.


If you are a vegetarian, please tell us

when you order.

Small dishes will be changed to nuts,

vegetables,and so on.



・Please order one drink per person,

even if you are in a group.




For examlpe nuts 、carrot and tomato cold potage soup
(included in cover charge)



I took a summer vacation and went to visit the Miyagikyo distillery. Unfortunately, we could not get the blended whiskey "Tsuru" that we were looking for, but we did purchase three types of Miyagikyo malt.


We also obtained two types of Nikka Pure Malt, both red and black, which are only sold at the distillery, so we will be offering those as well.



We made a graph comparing AROMA and PALATE of Japanese whiskey with us and other bartenders. Since the graph is our private one, we disclose it only to visitors to this bar. The numbers written next to the whiskeys are marked on the graph.

Summer cocktails from June to July